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Without Cause

A Tribute

25 November
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...How about not.
...twat waffle, 5th dimension, akira, alfred hitchcock, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, antiques, appletinis, avenue q, beauty marks, biology, bishonen, blindside, broadway shows, butthole surfers, cats, chobits, classical music, clea duvall, clover, comedy, comics, costa rica, cuddling, cultures, daft punk, dancing, dark romance, daydreaming, dissecting things [preferably dead], doodling in margins, drawing, dreaming, el oh ve ee, eye candy/yummy people, fantasy books, fine linen, flcl, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, french, glomps!, godchild, godiva chocolate, gorillaz, gourmet food, green day, guava cheesecake with almonds, hot hot heat, hot vanilla cremes, incubus, interesting people, japan, johnny depp, kasabian, keira knightley, kidney thieves, kisses, korn, la boheme, la boheme [vive!, languages, losing weight, love-hate relationships, magic, manga, massages, merlot, modest mouse, moulin rouge, movies, muse, musicals, my dear old volvo, my pod [=life], mysteries, mystique, naming body parts, nibbling on people's shoulders, nin, no doubt, old books, opera, paradise kiss, people, piercings, pondering things, psychological thrillers, quieres bailar?, rammstein, ranma 1/2, reading, rent, revolutionary girl utena, sean connery, shakespeare, shaolin monks, silk persian carpets, singing, small dogs, sonic youth, starry nights, starry skies, strawberry-flavoured whipped cream, sushi, tango, tank girl, tazo chai lattes, the beatles, the brain, the nightmare before christmas, the strokes, the twilight zone, thinking, tim burton, tiramasu, trigun, twisted romance novels, vendetta red, vespas, volleyball, watching people, weezer, wish, writing, yaoi ai, yumhappy