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Sunday, June 6th, 2010
2:33 am
My favourite part of Pride week: the missed connections.

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Thursday, December 4th, 2008
1:41 am

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
11:57 pm - Obama won the '08 election! = D
Sooo today was pretty historic for the States. Obama won the election. o.O Crazy awesome amazing. Watching a live streaming video of the "next first family" now/Obama's acceptance speech in Chicago. I went to the Howard Thurman Centre for about an hour and half to watch it with a packed room of people--everyone went crazy when, at 11 PM EST, Obama was announced as the projected winner (currently has projected 333 votes). Wish I could be the family to watch it, instead of going back and forth on the phone between everyone, but it's all good.

Pretty cool stuff.

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
10:37 pm
uhm so somehow it's suddenly Halloween and I have no idea what to be. Suggestions anyone? I want something cute and fairly easy. Makeup is fun. Big, bulky, and hard to sit in = not fun.

EDIT// So...I'm being a pirate! A very..girly pirate..wench..o.O.. Christine bought a costume from the Garment District last year and never wore it because she decided to be something else at the last moment so this http://farm1.static.flickr.com/168/377531735_3cfb5bed14_o.jpg is what I'm wearing.. ^^"...with an eyepatch, fishnets, combat boots, and a sword! heh.. Uhm, not wearing the hat because it looks absolutely ridiculous on--just the dress part. No, not the obnoxious lace up thigh highs either. No, no, no. Oh, and since I'm short, the costume is actually not as skanky on me as it is on that model in the photo whose legs are probably the length of at least 3/4 my body. So nyeh.

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Saturday, September 27th, 2008
6:02 am - familiar
"well I guess it's either we continually hurt each other and risk losing everything, or continually being sad, which is not an option I suppose...."

Edit// that's not how i'm really feeling. just how someone was feeling about a year ago. sort of how i was feeling at some point. i just wanted remember that i'm not the only one that feels that way sometimes.

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
12:58 am
: )

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Saturday, May 5th, 2007
10:39 pm - i'd forgotten how much i love kidney thieves..
Rain made a place
For us to swim, to play
Inopportune devotion cannot be sound

So I take my lot of a few feathers from the sky
Into a ritual and let my spirit fly
Wake up, is this a dream of a dream of a dream?

Simple pleasures
Falling feathers
Skating on this machine
Alone between my trip and me.

What is real today?
Until the dawn, away
Rain soft aura potion condemns me now
So I take my lot of a few feathers from the sky
Into a ritual and let my spirit fly

Simple pleasures
Falling feathers
Skating on this machine

Alone between my trip and me.
The price of all this vanity is getting way too high
The maintenance of my sanity is taking too much time

Simple feathers
Falling feathers
7000 reasons to dream, 1 reason to live, 1 reason to me.

-feathers. kidney thieves. good-ness.

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Friday, April 20th, 2007
3:48 pm

give sin_censorship more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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Monday, March 5th, 2007
4:15 pm - -sigh-
I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymore
Before you take a swing
I wonder
What are we fighting for
When I say out loud
I want to get out of this
I wonder
Is there anything I'm going to miss
I wonder How it's going to be
When you don't know me
How's it going to be
When you're sure I'm not there
How's it going to be
When there is no one to talk to, between you and me
'Cause I don't care
How's it going to be
How's it going to be
Where we used to laugh
There's a shouting match
Sharp as a thumbnail scratch
A silence I can't ignore
The hammocks by the doorway we spent time in
Swings empty, don't see lightning like last fall when it was always
about to hit
I wonder how's it going to be when it goes down
Hows it going to be
When your not around
Hows it going to be
When you found out there was nothing
Between you and me
'Cause I don't care
How's it going to be.
Hows it going to be
When you don't know me any more
And how's it going to be
Want to get myself back in again
The soft dive of oblivian
Wanna taste the soul of your skin
The soft dive of oblivian
How's it going to be
When you don't know me any more
How's it going to be
How's it going to be

current mood: blah

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
12:02 pm - eh..
1 question.
1 chance.
1 answer.
Thats all you get.

You get to ask me 1 question.
any one question,
completely off the record,
no matter how crazy it is.
ANY 1 question!!

Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE and I promise to answer it. Completely secret between me and you.

*memo* Dont ask me anything RIGHT here ask in the form of a MESSAGE.
If you ask in this not I WILL NOT answer your question.

The catch is,
you have to repost this
and see what people ask you.
So go for it!!!!!

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Friday, April 28th, 2006
9:27 pm


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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
9:10 pm - hmm.

I'm not sure why my updates are showing up on people's friends pages... I haven't really been updating lately though, so you're not missing much, no worries. However, I'll try to figure out what's going on..

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Monday, March 20th, 2006
9:27 pm - there's also an article about it in last week's newsweek.

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Saturday, December 31st, 2005
6:47 pm
Hah-peh Nuu Yeeahs Eeve, ehvehone! *woo!*

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
9:19 pm - wee
weee! boston to-morrow!! i'm actually really excited about going up.. we [the mum and i] went shopping today for wintery things.. and i found THE most amazing pair of comfy, cute, stylish, *and* warm shoes.. with heels ^^ and i found some adoooorable sweaters and a camel-coloured jacket. wooo. i'm going to take a bzillion pictures of boston-ness..and collegeness.. so i'll post 'em or something when i get back.

woohoo!! snow!! :) and big city adventures!

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
10:51 pm
guh. so i'm really tired..and sad and kinda bitchy 'cause i really really miss .

things aren't really horrible horrible. but while i remember, i did almost get crushed between a concrete median and a dump truck today on the highway. and this guy reversed into my bumber in the parking lot last night. just a little scrath though.

otherwise. all's okay. asi asi. un poco malo, pero un poco bueno tambien.

sleep well minna-san.

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8:38 pm
today felt surreal. and jaded. but good, too. i'm so tired--everything feels surreal; the drive to campus, pumping gas in the car, hanging ornaments on the tree. i pulled into the driveway this afternoon and the feeling that this isn't real came over me.. like some kind of dream, or vacation. just.. the feeling of non-reality. it's like the days are just seeping into one long span of time and i'm just wading through it.
i guess i'm just tired. and really missing being with someone right now. a lot. and i'm kind of stressed about some details..because i can't imagine spending another holiday alone with my family. or even with new friends. i guess i'm just too picky or something. but if this holiday has to be like thanksgiving/my birthday, then i'd really rather it just be over now so that i could get re-absorbed in school, work, or whatever other shit i can find to busy myself with.

..going to boston on weds. woo.

current mood: sigh

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
6:40 pm - description of a library stool
ha. an entry. but not really, something of a fake entry, i dare say. wrote this on saturday.. when i was taking a short mental break from writing death [college essays].. **enjoy

These must be the standard issue library stools. I remember sitting on ones just like them in elementary school— St. Andrews—listening to my librarian (what was her name again? Mrs. Rudy? Nah, I don’t think that’s it, but maybe) talk about books and whatnot. They squeak when you step on them, these stools. But I guess they’re pretty useful so it’s okay. Plus, you always know when there’s a short person around because you hear the stool squeak (insert some onomatopoeia here). They’re kind of sand-colored. But not pure white, more like a brackish water type of sand. Like the kind you’d find on the banks of the James River. Not quite brown, but not tan or white. If there was ever an absolute neutral color—that would be what I’d call these stools.
Then there are the little rubber pads on them. There’s a band-like piece of rubber around the bottom, on the side and three little rubber triangles on the first step. I guess they’re supposed to help with gripability or something. A second step is supported by three (rather slender now that I look at them) pieces of metal. I don’t know what else to call them; “pieces of metal” shall suffice for now. On top of those three pieces of metal is a little platform (fortunately made of thicker metal than the three pieces holding it up). That little platform has one big piece of rubber on it—this rubber looks like the how the three triangles of rubber on the step below it would look it they were all put together to make a three-leaf clover shape.

current mood: yumnum

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
7:12 pm
Rar.. i did this last night..[stolen from denise's]..but then lj freaked out and didn't post it...

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 54.

3. Find the seventh sentence.

4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions.

"What's missing, of course, is Heartache & Desire, Lust & Wonder, Need & Sweet Misery, Love & Grief--all the passionate derivatives of Sex and Death that any woman in her right mind knows the world really needs if there's going to be progress."

Bodies in Motion and at Rest.. i've really been enjoying it.

current mood: college essays=death

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Monday, November 7th, 2005
7:05 pm
rar. if i hear one more person complain about how they haven't been laid in over 5 days [boo fucking hoo]..i'm going to.. hmmph. i dunno what, but it won't be the most polite thing. so nyeh. that was like, the topic of conversation today.. everywhere. "aww man, i've been so busy these past few days, no time..." .. "yeah, we see each other every day, she lives about 5 minutes away, but i've just been wiped out and stuff"..blah blah blah. *snort* i do stuff..and work..and other such time and energy consuming activites, but i'm never too freakin' tired! raaaar..

not too much else happening.. in the past 24 hours, i've gotten calls from two friends that i haven't spoken on the phone to in a looong time.. well, one-over a year, the other-about 3 months.. heh. just random.. nice to hear from people though. ^^

found this entry i had started..back in june, saved it on my hard drive for some reason.. maybe i haven't posted it yet.. i'll have to go back and see if i have any entries around that time about "buggery fucks".. don't want to post it again if i did already..

welp, i have a shiatload of spanish work to do.. and common app to finish. so chau loves!

current mood: weird

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